Grenada Abbreviations

Grenada, known as the “Spice Isle” for its abundant nutmeg and spice production, is a picturesque island nation located in the Caribbean. To understand and engage with Grenada effectively, it’s essential to grasp the various abbreviations used within the country. These abbreviations, encompassing ISO codes, airport identifiers, currency symbols, and entity acronyms, play crucial roles in communication, commerce, and governance. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore Grenada’s abbreviations and their significance.

ISO 3-Letter Code: GRD

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) assigns unique three-letter codes to countries worldwide. Grenada’s ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 country code is “GRD.” This code is used in international transactions, communications, and databases to uniquely represent Grenada.

ISO 2-Letter Code: GD

In addition to the three-letter code, Grenada is assigned a two-letter ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code, which is “GD.” This code is widely employed in international contexts, such as transportation, commerce, and diplomacy, to succinctly represent Grenada.

Top-Level Domain: .gd

Websites associated with Grenada typically utilize the top-level domain “.gd.” This domain extension serves as a digital identifier for Grenadian entities on the internet, including businesses, organizations, and government agencies.

Currency: East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)

The official currency of Grenada is the East Caribbean Dollar (XCD). As the legal tender for all transactions within the country, the East Caribbean Dollar is used for everyday purchases, banking, and financial transactions.

Language Code: English (en)

English is the official language of Grenada and is represented by the language code “en.” English is widely spoken and understood across the country, facilitating communication with locals and visitors alike.

Major Airports

  1. Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND): Located in the capital city of St. George’s, Maurice Bishop International Airport is Grenada’s main gateway for international air travel. It offers connections to various destinations in the Caribbean and beyond.
  2. Lauriston Airport (CRU): Lauriston Airport, also known as Carriacou Island Airport, serves the island of Carriacou, which is part of the Grenadines archipelago. It provides domestic flights to and from Grenada and is essential for inter-island travel.
  3. Pearls Airport (GND): Pearls Airport, situated near the town of Grenville on the island of Grenada, primarily serves domestic flights within Grenada. It plays a vital role in connecting residents and visitors to other parts of the country.
  4. Union Island Airport (UNI): Union Island Airport, located in the Grenadines, serves as a key transportation hub for residents and tourists visiting Union Island and nearby destinations. It offers domestic flights to Grenada and other neighboring islands.
  5. Tyrell Bay Airport (CRU): Tyrell Bay Airport, also located on Carriacou Island, provides additional air access to the island. It facilitates domestic flights to and from Grenada, enhancing connectivity between Carriacou and the mainland.
  6. Grenville Airport (GND): Grenville Airport, situated near the town of Grenville on the east coast of Grenada, supports domestic flights within the country. It contributes to regional connectivity and accessibility for residents in the area.
  7. Hillsborough Airport (CRU): Hillsborough Airport, located on Carriacou Island, serves as another crucial aviation facility for the Grenadines. It provides domestic flights to Grenada and other neighboring islands, supporting tourism and local transportation.
  8. Canouan Airport (CIW): Canouan Airport, located on Canouan Island in the Grenadines, caters to travelers visiting this exclusive resort destination. It offers domestic flights to Grenada and other nearby islands, contributing to tourism development in the region.
  9. D. Roosevelt Airport (EIS): Although not located in Grenada, F. D. Roosevelt Airport in neighboring Sint Eustatius serves as an international gateway for travelers from Grenada to connect to destinations in the Caribbean and beyond.
  10. T. Joshua Airport (SVD): Similarly, E. T. Joshua Airport in nearby Saint Vincent and the Grenadines provides international air access for travelers from Grenada. It offers connections to various destinations in the Caribbean and beyond.

Acronyms for Major Entities

  1. GOG: Government of Grenada – The Government of Grenada is responsible for the administration and governance of the country. It oversees various ministries and agencies tasked with providing essential services and implementing policies for the nation’s development.
  2. GCA: Grenada Cricket Association – The Grenada Cricket Association is responsible for promoting and organizing cricket activities and events in Grenada. It supports the development of cricket at the grassroots level and represents Grenada in regional and international cricket competitions.
  3. GCC: Grenada Chamber of Commerce – The Grenada Chamber of Commerce serves as the voice of the business community in Grenada. It advocates for policies and initiatives that promote economic growth, entrepreneurship, and investment in the country.
  4. GBN: Grenada Broadcasting Network – The Grenada Broadcasting Network is a media organization that operates radio and television stations in Grenada. It provides news, entertainment, and educational programming to the Grenadian population.
  5. GHTA: Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association – The Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association represents the interests of the hospitality and tourism sector in Grenada. It works to promote Grenada as a premier tourist destination, enhance visitor experiences, and support sustainable tourism development.