Malta Abbreviations

Malta, a small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea, utilizes various abbreviations for administrative, economic, and communication purposes. These abbreviations include ISO 3-letter code, ISO 2-letter code, top-level domain, currency code, language code, major airport codes, and acronyms for prominent companies and organizations.

ISO 3-Letter Code: MLT

The ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code for Malta is MLT. This code is used internationally to represent Malta in various contexts such as trade, finance, and travel.

ISO 2-Letter Code: MT

The ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for Malta is MT. This code is commonly used for labeling international mail and packages and for indicating country-specific information in databases and systems.

Top-Level Domain: .mt

The top-level domain (TLD) for Malta is .mt. Websites registered under this domain extension are associated with entities operating within Malta or having ties to the country.

Currency Code: EUR

The currency code for Malta is EUR, which stands for the Euro. The Euro is the official currency used in Malta, with denominations including coins and banknotes.

Language Code: MT

Maltese and English are the official languages of Malta. The ISO language code for Maltese is MT. This code is used in linguistic studies, software localization, and other language-related contexts.

Major 10 Airports

  1. Malta International Airport (MLA): Located near Luqa, Malta International Airport is the primary airport serving the Maltese islands. It is the main gateway for travelers arriving in Malta, offering domestic and international flights to various destinations in Europe and beyond.
  2. Gozo Heliport (GZM): Situated in Xewkija, Gozo Heliport serves as the main heliport for the island of Gozo, providing helicopter services between Gozo and Malta.
  3. Ħal Far Airfield (LMMG): Located in Ħal Far, Ħal Far Airfield serves as a secondary airport for general aviation and private flights in Malta.
  4. Comino Heliport (JCO): Situated on the island of Comino, Comino Heliport provides helicopter services between Comino and Malta.
  5. Marsa Racecourse Heliport (LMRA): Located near Marsa, Marsa Racecourse Heliport serves as a heliport for private and charter flights.
  6. Ta’ Qali Airfield (LMQT): Situated in Ta’ Qali, Ta’ Qali Airfield serves as a military airfield and is occasionally used for civilian purposes.
  7. Fort Campbell Heliport (LMFC): Located near Mellieħa, Fort Campbell Heliport serves as a heliport for private and charter flights.
  8. Mdina Heliport (LMMH): Situated near Mdina, Mdina Heliport provides helicopter services for private and charter flights.
  9. Julian’s Heliport (LMFT): Located in St. Julian’s, St. Julian’s Heliport serves as a heliport for private and charter flights.
  10. Xewkija Heliport (LMXW): Situated in Xewkija, Xewkija Heliport provides helicopter services for private and charter flights.

Acronyms for Main Companies/Organizations

  1. MIA: Malta International Airport plc (MIA) is the company responsible for the management and operation of Malta International Airport.
  2. BOV: Bank of Valletta (BOV) is one of Malta’s leading banks, offering a wide range of banking and financial services to individuals and businesses.
  3. GO: GO plc is the leading telecommunications company in Malta, providing mobile, fixed-line, internet, and digital television services to customers across the country.
  4. Enemalta: Enemalta plc is the state-owned energy company in Malta, responsible for the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity and the production and distribution of water.
  5. Air Malta: Air Malta plc is the national airline of Malta, operating domestic and international flights to various destinations in Europe and North Africa.

Government or Organizations

  1. Government of Malta: The Government of Malta is the executive branch of the country’s government, responsible for governing Malta, implementing laws and policies, managing state affairs, and representing Malta internationally.
  2. Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry: The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry is an independent organization representing the interests of businesses in Malta, promoting economic growth, and fostering a favorable business environment.
  3. Malta Tourism Authority (MTA): The Malta Tourism Authority is the national tourism organization of Malta, responsible for promoting Malta as a tourist destination, marketing its attractions, and supporting the tourism industry.
  4. University of Malta (UM): The University of Malta is the highest educational institution in Malta, offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines.
  5. Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA): The Malta Financial Services Authority is the financial regulatory body in Malta, responsible for regulating and supervising financial services providers, including banks, insurance companies, investment firms, and other financial institutions.

These abbreviations and acronyms are essential for communication, administration, and commerce within Malta, facilitating efficient interaction and representation both domestically and internationally.